Hand Lettering

Each one of our hand drawn designs is unique and one-of-a-kind. These aren’t prints or copies, they are stand alone works of art. Our hand lettering expert Chris Mihaly meticulously drafts and draws each work with pride and individuality. We have pre-made works in our store for you to order, or you can request a personalized commission of your choosing.


Our illustrations are available in vector or drawn format. Take your pick from what we sell these in our store or if you have something else in mind we also take commissions. Contact us today to get the conversation started!

The 12th Human

The 12th Human is an alternative indie rock band from New York that approached Nihil Sine Design (the Late4Lunch predecessor) to create illustrations and graphics for an album cover and clothing apparel. You can listen to The 12th Human on their bandcamp and learn more about them as well as purchase merchandise on their website The12thHuman.com.

Clas!ck Album Art

We were recently approached by the local CT hip hop duo Clas!ck to create some album artwork for their upcoming album “Contrast”. We were given complete freedom with this project from Rudy and Murph. They were astounded with what we created and we are excited to see our artwork on every major music streaming service out there.

On the Spectrum

On The Spectrum approached us to create a unique branding identity for their blog about living with an individual who is on the autism spectrum. We wanted to create something bright and vibrant that also went along with the puzzle piece theme of other autism organizations. The bright colors and familiar shape will allow individuals with autism and people within those support circles to easily identify with this new branding identity.

Havanna Owl Cigars

Havana Owl cigars is a legacy cigar brand that needed a distinct logo identity to stand out. They are known for premium cigars, at an entry level price. Our owl logo fits perfectly on a cigar label or other packaging and offers a different look than most older cigar brands.

Tranquilibrium Fitness Branding

Tranquilibrum Fitness worked with us to build a logo that goes with their well-rounded approach to health, fitness, and life. We helped Tranquilibrum Fitness create an identity that fits their customer base and will draw future business to their website and brand.

High Speed Cable Flyer

Siemon Interconnect Solutions needed a way to attract customers to their new High Speed Cable Bundle product line. We worked with them to include everything needed to grab a prospective customers attention. These flyers are designed for web and print use, online or at trade shows.

The Siemon Company Infographic

Siemon Interconnect Solutions needed an interesting way to show that they have been around for over 100 years and still going strong. This infographic is a tri-fold 8.5×11 as well as a scrolling PDF available for website viewing.

The Siemon Company Tradeshow

Tasked with creating a eye catching experience to stand out among many other competitors at a trade show, we worked with Siemon Interconnect Solutions to build an informational experience for anyone walking down the isle at the Interop 2017. The vertical background banners, video display, server cabinet panels, hanging banners and flyers were all designed by Late4Lunch.