Who We Are

Late4Lunch is a design collective of three different minds, with three different skill specialties. Chris is the typography guru who can create unique one-of-a-kind custom works of art. Matt is a branding veteran and designs logos and brand identities with ease. And Dan is the resident web site designer and will get you noticed in the online word. The three of us met in college and have been in touch, bouncing ideas off each other about our daily lives working in the design field ever since. It was a no brainer to combine our three skill sets into a powerhouse design collaborative that can tackle any task thrown our way. It is our dream to be able to keep designing and being creative doing what we love. We all share a love for filling the world with well done and thought out designs, because we all know that there is all too much bad design out there. Thanks for taking a look at what we have to offer and we hope to hear from you soon!